Shaanxi Jin Xin East Cci Capital Ltd
Yulin Oriental Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Dongyuan Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Jianfeng auto repair Service Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi north of Yulin investment and Development Co. Ltd.
Yulin new energy automobile east special automobile Limited company
Yulin East Fuxing auto sales Services Limited
Yulin Yongsheng Trade Co., Ltd.
Yulin Haitian Group Co. Ltd.
Yanan Dafu auto sales Services Limited
Yanan blue sky Fuhai car sales Services Limited


Yulin East Real Estate Development Company Limited
Shaanxi Yulin Kinde Lubricating Oil Co. Ltd.
Yulin Oriental Motor Transport Branch
Yulin Orient Group heavy automobile trade Co.
Yulin Orient Group Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Yulin Oriental Group Lantian Automobile Trade Co.
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