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Yulin Oriental Group Company Limited was founded in 1996, is a set of automobile sales and service, lubricating oil R & D and production, film culture media in one of the large-scale private enterprises, under the jurisdiction of Yulin East Fuxing auto sales & Service Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Television Culture Media Limited, Yulin Oriental Group Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Jin Xin East Cci Capital Ltd the blue sky, Yulin Orient Group Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Oriental Group Company Limited, Yulin branch of the heavy truck Qimao Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Yong Sheng Fu Sheng Auto Trade Co., Yulin Haitian Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Oriental Group Fugu Automobile Trade Co., Yanan blue sky Fuhai car sales Services Limited, Yulin Orient Group, motor transport branch Yulin Oriental sky Insurance Agency Ltd., Yulin blue sky Vehicle Inspection Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Group Service Corporation, Yulin days to have Advertising Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Group Real Estate Development Company Limited 17 subsidiaries and Yulin new energy automobile east special automobile Limited company, Yulin Automobile Company Limited (Kinde lubricating oil Holding), Sinopec Shaanxi Yulin Gas Development Company Limited, Shaanxi Yulin North Investment Development Company Limited (Holdings), 4 joint ventures, covers an area of 2540 acres, has a staff of more than 1000 people, the total assets of 1860000000 yuan, Yulin City, the comprehensive strength among the top fifty enterprises list. Up to now, has been awarded the national labor award five one, national model worker, national double double assessment of advanced enterprises, the national employment and social security advanced private enterprise, outstanding private enterprises in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province star of private enterprises, Shaanxi province quality good faith demonstration unit, Shaanxi province Shou contract re credit enterprises, Yulin City contribution financial enterprises and other hundreds of titles.

Yulin Oriental Group is one of the most reputable Yulin automobile sales and service enterprise. Founded in 2005, the Yulin Oriental Group Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd, and the focus of the national automobile manufacturers signed a modified protocol, to become the only production in Northern Shaanxi area from special truck, trailer, trailers and other vehicles and equipment manufacturing enterprises. Independent research and development production of "Oriental Cheung Chun" brand of semi-trailer, won the "brand-name products in Shaanxi province", more than 30 products by the national development and Reform Commission approved the announcement, selling Meng, Ning, Qing Shan,, Jin and other neighboring provinces and cities. Has two times for Mongolia exports more than 200 sets of semi trailer. Shaanxi Automobile Group established a joint venture in 2011 with an annual output of 50000 units of new energy automobile Yulin East special automobile new energy special automobile Limited company, branch company, Sinopec Shaanxi Automobile Group joint venture with Sinopec Shaanxi Yulin Gas Development Co., ltd.. In 2012 the company built Ford and two Chevrolet 4S shop in Yulin Automobile Industrial Park, to further expand the sales market.

In 2011 April, Yulin Oriental Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established, marking the Yulin Oriental Group and the formation of new industries. Huge amounts of money to build the first TV series "love love" has been broadcast in Jiangsu TV, Guangxi TV, Hubei local TV station, Shaanxi two sets and Sohu, potatoes, Tencent network video, the ratings on a tear. The play shows the modern Northern Shaanxi, modern Yulin style, to expand the visibility of Yulin. Reflect in revolutionary history TV series "the East is red", "autumn in Yuyang" has been completed the script, is actively planning.

Man road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. Yulin Orient Group Co., Ltd. in the chairman of Mr. He Jinlong, general manager, under the leadership of He Caimei, adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, law-abiding, the development of enterprises, service society" business purposes and "more specifically, to update, better, stronger" concept of development, stand on solid ground, keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, Zaizhuhuihuang.

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