Yanan blue sky Fuhai car sales Services Limited

Yanan blue sky Fuhai Sales Service Co. Ltd. was founded in July 14, 2010, is located in Yanan city south of golden sunflower twenty Shop No. 6 Motor City, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ford authorized the first in Shaanxi Yanan area has Ford car sales and customer service service proxy 4S stores, the company set "sales", "repair service", "spare parts supply", "information feedback" as a whole, covers an area of 3200 square meters, the registered capital of 5000000 yuan, operating area of 3000 square meters. With a large area of Rest Area, free broadband Internet access, television, computer entertainment, the latest newspaper, magazine, Coffee and comprehensive services for you. Interactive repair workshop 900 square meters, composed of reception, triage station, station, and spraying station and sheet metal work, paint room, with four wheel alignment instrument, instrument calibration, vehicle detector and computer repair equipment, the majority of workers in the Ford technician training, made a technician certificate. DMS management system using Ford automotive applications on a global scale and unique "Quality Care" service concept, from the catalog price, customer care, work order scheduling, pre inspection material, work order processing and quality control, completion and settlement, providing information and delivery to customer complaints solution and prevention 12 key factors, and gradually improve the efficiency of after sale service.
Yanan blue sky Fuhai Ford 4S shop in the main business models include: Ford carnival, Ford Fox, Ford maverick, wing Bo; Ford Mondeo - winning all models. "Exceed customer expectations of service" is the purpose Ford cars, is the direction of our work. In order to make our services more perfect, the spirit of "forever beyond customer satisfaction" sense of mission to provide car insurance, a new report card, insurance renewal, professional car beauty care services for the majority of owners 365 days Ford, quality service, 24 hours out of emergency services.
Yanan blue sky Fuhai car sales Services Limited under the Tongchuan branch was established by April 16, 2013, is located in the Tongchuan District Jinding road C4 (City Sports Park), Chongqing Changan Ford and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce authorized Tongchuan's first Changan Ford sales and after sale service shop, the company set the "sales", "repair service", "spare parts supply", "information feedback" as a whole, covers an area of 700 square meters, has a staff of more than 20 people.
Contact address: Liulin town Baota District of Yanan City, twenty Shop No. 6 Motor City Golden Sunflower
Tel: 0911-8875966
Fax: 0911-8875998

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