Yulin Orient Group heavy automobile trade Co.

Yulin Oriental Yulin is one of the most reputable automobile sales company. In the area of sales, to establish friendly relations of cooperation with dozens of car manufacturers and car dealers. Under the flag of Yulin Orient Group Co. Ltd., Yulin heavy automobile trade company Insein Yulin Automobile Trade Co., Fu Sheng Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Haitian Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Oriental Group Fugu automobile trade limited company is mainly engaged in the sales, service. The main distribution of Chinese heavy truck, Shaanxi heavy duty truck, heavy truck, Dongfeng North Pennines heavy trucks, and become the regional agent only; in the after sale services, the company has complete equipment, exquisite technology service system, twenty-four hours for customer service. China heavy truck, Shaanxi heavy duty truck, North Benz, Hubei ten, Weichai, Yuchai engine, Hangzhou, 18 special repair service station has been set up in group company, and provided the original accessories, vehicle inspection, for the user to hang, annual pay, insurance and a series of services; in the field of automobile consumption credit, the establishment of the business relationship with Yulin's major banks and insurance companies, the financial system will take Yulin as the focus of enterprises to support the east.

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