Shaanxi Jin Xin East Cci Capital Ltd

Shaanxi Jin Xin East Cci Capital Ltd was founded in 2012, is a diversified private enterprises of automobile manufacture, sales and service of lubricating oil R & D and production, film culture media in one, under the jurisdiction of Yulin Yulin Oriental Group Company Limited, the east television culture media Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Dongyuan Lubricating Oil Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Golden auto repair Service Co., Ltd. 4 subsidiaries and subsidiaries of Yulin east of the New Energy Automobile Company Limited, Shaanxi Yulin North Investment Development Company Limited (Holdings) 2 joint venture company. Yulin Orient Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, under the jurisdiction of Yulin East Fuxing auto sales & Service Co., Ltd. Yulin Yongsheng Trade Co. Ltd., Yulin Haitian Automobile Trade Co., Yanan blue sky Fuhai car sales Services Limited, Yanan Fu automobile sales and Service Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Group Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Group Company Limited heavy truck sales branch, Yulin Oriental Motor Transport Branch, Yulin Oriental Group Lantian Automobile Trade Co., Yulin Fu Sheng Automobile Trade Co., Yu Lindong sky Insurance Agency Ltd., Yulin blue sky Vehicle Inspection Co. Ltd., Yulin days C. Advertising Co. Ltd., Yulin Oriental Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Yulin Kinde auto lubrication the Oil Company Limited (Holdings), 15 sub company. The total area of 2540 acres, has a staff of more than 1000 people, the total assets of 2000000000 yuan, Yulin City, the comprehensive strength among the top fifty enterprises list.
Address: Xi'an high tech Zone Jinye Road 1 city gate block C Room 408
Tel: 029-81779439
Fax: 029-81779439

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