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Strategic planning

Oriental Group in the future development, will further implement the spirit of the non-public sector of the economy to accelerate the development of the continuous expansion and development of the service industry, automobile manufacturing industry, strengthen technological innovation and product development, production capacity, speed up the adjustment and upgrading of products, optimize the product structure, to meet the demand of special vehicles, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.
According to the national industrial policy, the group will further accelerate the speed of automobile industrial park construction, to adjust their thinking, looking for a way out, to create the conditions, the gradual integration of the current car market in Yulin, the existing functions of full auto industrial park, efforts to increase investment, for the automotive Industry Park, a large open construction, foundation condition.
The next few years, we assume that a building in Yulin covers an area of 1400 mu, with annual sales of 40000 cars, 70000 car repair, car 5000 units, annual income amounted to 12000000000 yuan, the average annual profit amounted to 800000000 yuan, job placement of nearly 10000 people a car sales, parts, repair the car logistics, as one of the Northwest's largest Oriental city. After the completion of the project, and the demonstration effect is bound to affect the automobile industry in the development of the western region, will also become a window of Yulin opening to the outside world.
The party's eighteen big, and promoting the great development and great prosperity of socialist culture, deepen the reform of the cultural system, to hitherto unknown height and accelerate the development of cultural industry. Oriental film culture media, as a private cultural enterprises was born in Northern Shaanxi earth, under the new situation, will continue to improve its development mechanism, strengthens own development strength. In the business development process, always adhere to carry forward the national culture, spread advanced culture, improve the quality of the nation, the cultivation of national spirit. Based on the local, national, cultural background of Northern Shaanxi heavy as a source of creativity, in the rapid economic development as the main line, make full use of video platform, a full range of mining precious cultural resources in Yulin and its surrounding, better promote the economic, social, cultural, and historical, let more and more people pay attention to northern Shaanxi. Pay attention to the private enterprises, pay attention to northern Shaanxi loess culture, pay attention to the touching story of what happened on the Loess plateau.
Oriental film culture media, is an important part of our group in the east of the whole industry. In the future, we will be the east television culture up to a brand strategy to the operation and development. Combined with practical, bold ideas, strategic development plan to develop a set of scientific spirit of enterprise culture, set up the stage, singing the purpose, the Oriental TV culture media into a large cultural industry group planning, writing, photography, production and sales in one of the. The next two years, we will focus on the development and construction of the "Oriental Cultural Park" project, at present, the project has completed the overall planning, project design work will start construction in the near future. "Oriental Cultural Park operation, through the cultural field" diversity ", give full play to the basic role of market allocation of resources, take the market as the guidance, the implementation of major culture of quality engineering, strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation, continue to introduce all kinds of talents, capital, technology, resources, through financing, equity participation and other forms, perfect" the entity economy structure of Orient Culture Park ", and strive in the shortest possible time, the Orient Culture Park is located in the north of Shaanxi earth" has become the "Liu Laogen big stage", come to the fore, famous nationwide. At that time, we will have more planning, creative staff, the cast and crew, to "Oriental Cultural Park to visit and work, which also includes many of you here. We are willing to provide a harmonious, win-win cooperation platform and development space for the majority of artists, to realize our common dream.
To perfect the construction of the core value system of the eastern group, with the development of enterprise culture and enterprise, casting enterprise cornerstone of corporate culture, corporate culture employees with armed soul.
Comprehensively promote the construction of the east group efforts, and strive to become bigger and stronger East Group, the Great Eastern made everyone in the east. To create a first-class team, first-class management, first-class corporate culture, excellent working environment, comprehensive benefits of enterprise class of new oriental.


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