Yulin East Fuxing auto sales Services Limited

Yulin East Fuxing Auto Sales Service Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a business Ford brand series models based authorization, by the Changan Ford Mazda automobile Limited company specialized in automotive Sales Service Co, belonging to the Yulin Oriental Group Company limited. The company is located in Yulin high tech Industrial Park, covers an area of about 9000 square meters, fixed assets of about 20000000 yuan, the existing staff of nearly 100 people, including college education up to 85%, after sale repair personnel by the Changan Ford manufacturers to obtain training senior technician certificate.
Yulin East Fuxing auto sales & Service Co., Shaanxi has the largest Changan Ford 4S shop repair, advanced equipment, strong technical force, accessories. The spacious and bright hall, add radiance and beauty to each other and shine the Ford brand cars; repair service reception area clean, service facilities, full of humanization design; not spacious and clean workshop, first-class equipment, strict scientific repair process, repair technicians skilled, courteous service. For the vast number of consumers with consumer credit, after sale service, hang limited, insurance agents and other services.
People oriented, quality, integrity services for customers, is a lucky star automobile trade always change the service concept. Yulin East Fuxing auto sales Services Limited (Changan Ford 4S shop) since its establishment, with annual sales of more than one thousand vehicles achievements remain in Northern Shaanxi car sales ranked the forefront of the dominant position, the strength of the brand in Shaanxi position in the industry is on the rise, the good momentum of development. Changan won the 2011 Ford sales progress copper Fu prize. Yulin East Fuxing Trade will continue to improve the management level, improve customer service service quality, expand brand awareness and market share,; strive to become well-known automobile enterprises.
Address: Yulin high tech Zone Yulin Avenue South
Tel: 0912-3688718
Fax: 0912-3688716

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