Yulin Oriental Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.

In 2011 April, Yulin Oriental Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established, marking the group company and the formation of new industries. Huge amounts of money to build the first TV series "love love" has been broadcast in Jiangsu TV, Guangxi TV, Hubei local TV station, Shaanxi two sets and Sohu, potatoes, Tencent network such as video, viewing all the way, and the 27 TV Golden Eagle Award finalists list. The play shows the modern Northern Shaanxi, modern Yulin style, to expand the visibility of Yulin. Reflect in revolutionary history television series "autumn in Yuyang" in April 2, 2014 in Shanxi, Jiexiu started, is expected in mid 2015 to meet with the audience. TV drama "the East is red" has completed the script, is actively planning. Department of cultural heritage and cultural characteristics reflected in the TV drama is financing.
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