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Oriental opportunities

First of all , welcome talents to join the East group . In the future, we will be based on mutual trust and mutual understanding , through your years in the company . This understanding and trust is our pleasant cooperation and common struggle of the bridge and link .

Oriental Group is set car sales , repair , information services and oil production , advertising , media culture in one of the large-scale private enterprises . Companies adhere to abide by the law , integrity and pragmatic , the development of enterprises , the purpose of serving the community and social responsibility , a hundred years to build the East historical mission . In order to achieve this goal , the company requires each employee to always put the interests of the company in the first place , loyalty to the company , at any time , any place , do not sorry , things , do not live up to the trust and expectations of the company to you .

Enter the Eastern Group does not mean high salary , company with the ability to post jobs , fixed salary , contribution for rewards , benefits and is proportional to the pressure and responsibility , is directly related to the creation of the value of labor . For new employees, all from the beginning of the job . If you are able to attract other people's experience , humbly accept the criticism of others and help , diligence and efforts , will progress very quickly . If be opinionated , expectations are too high , not to cooperate with others , self - development and may lose the opportunity to realize their own value . Trust companies to use and arrange your is cautious and basis, is the overall objective and fair evaluation of your . If you feel what not satisfactory , please find the reasons from their own , the pursuit of perfection is more important than blame everyone and everything but not oneself . A hard, a harvest , do not work hard, how can make a big industry . Is always shining pearl of the Orient Group , please believe , never lost a talented person , always rise for you open a channel .

In order to make your life happy and work in the company , company as much as possible to provide a good working and living facilities for everyone, to create better working and living environment . In ability and can not meet your requirements , please understand , don't complain , is also limited to your care , because the service is to focus on the team , not only to the people . To cherish the company to provide you with the welfare , including dormitories , canteens and other facilities , care for the property of the company , not to waste damage . For the sake of others , taking into account the interests of everyone , not just for your own . To develop thrift and healthy way of life , make you in the company to live life to the fullest satisfaction .


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