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Message from general manager

Time flies, suiyueruge. Oriental Group by ordinary car service company development become diversified large-scale private enterprises, from the desert of Northern Shaanxi rushes out a road of innovation, towering stands in the forest of the private enterprises. Please allow me to express my most sincere gratitude to our customers, colleagues, and the social from all walks of life, is your long-term support and generous help, the achievements of today's Oriental Group.

The humanistic spirit of simple and honest, enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, scientific decision-making in a pragmatic spirit, the innovative spirit of advancing with the times, Orient Group always put respect knowledge, talent, pay attention to product quality, enhance the level of service as a core mission, is committed to set up a private brand, create the charm of the Orient.

A new starting point, new journey, Oriental Group will grasp the opportunities for development, storage to move on, brave the wind and waves, for customers to provide more quality services and for the society to make greater contributions.


General manager:He Meng tao



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